Saltwater Classes


  • Phone's OFF: Vibrate is not an option.

  • Zen Zone. Keep your voice low & move around quietly.

  • Let the teacher know if you have any injuries, pregnancy, stories that might need to be known.

  • ALL instruction by the teachers are INVITATIONS. It is important that you only take options that are right, or as deep/strong appropriate for your body!

New to yoga? 

  • You should be able to manage in all of our classes. If you feel nervous or have an injury: try Unravel Monday at 7:45pm, Tuesday 9:30am or Wednesday 6:15am or any Functional Strength & ChillOut classes.

  • Flow classes: Teachers will offer layered options in all of our classes. You'll know when your’e at your layer: you just stay there & keep working that pose. We will come back to get you.

  • At the end of the day...the shapes you make with your body don't's what goes on in your mind that will change your life!

We recommend a pathway through the various styles:

  • ChillOut (beginner Friendly)

  • Meditation (iRest Yoga Nidra For Stress/Relaxation) (beginner Friendly)

  • Functional Strength (osteopathically designed) (beginner Friendly)

  • Core & Release (A combination of important core strengthening exercises & myofacial release techniques) (beginner Friendly)

  • Unravel (beginner Friendly)

  • Flow & Chill

  • Flow

    We recommend you mix it up & do a little bit of everything to gain optimal health!



Combination of Yoga Styles: Slow Flow, Hatha, Vinyasa.

There is a smooth flowing nature to these layered & optionally dynamic sequences of yoga postures.   Different teachers will have different rhythms.  Come & try them all to see which ones work for you...maybe thats different from day to day depending on whats going on in your life. It is considered optimal for physical health, to be able to adapt to different paces.

Flow is a strong flowing yoga practice.  Generally moving at a rhythm that is conducive to Tai Chi and the movement of energy at 20cm per second.  You wont be able to use momentum, gravity or any external forces in this practice.  You require the ability to build on your own internal forces, strength & focus to move with control at all degrees of movement. 

It takes real strength, real stamina, and a truly disciplined mind to master this practice.   You can slip deep into a moving meditation in these classes & imagine that you will be deeply challenged.

This class will flow through various postures & invite the opportunity to play with more advanced options.  Just remember that there will be many different levels of practice & different motivations for practice in this class.  Stay with what works for YOUR body.  That is truly the most sophisticated yoga practice!


Combination of styles: Traditional Hatha, Restorative, Somatics.

This is a beautiful gift to yourself. A gentle practice which has a powerful ability to improve circulation and allow the body to re-align by gently loosening the soft tissue and allowing the bones to find the correct alignment in joints. A truly relaxing movement based practice that will take you on a journey home to yourself after a busy day. Using active stretching reprograms muscle memory leaving you feeling more spacious for longer. Leaving with the body in the parasympathic arm of the nervous system meaning you feel more calm inside. Hormonally you are in a state of rest & digest.

Appropriate for all types of fitness levels, age and ability. This is a true gift to yourself & we highly recommend you give this a try!

Functional Strength

Strength Building, Functional Movement, Resistance Training, Osteopathic Technique, OPTIONAL LIGHT WEIGHTS.

The class is set up to make sure you mobilise the entire fascial system, neurologically connect to intelligent movement, then build strength, have a mild cardiovascular workout (just enough to get the dopomine & endorphines flowing). We finish off stretching the body effectively ensuring you stay limber & then take time at the end to get the parasymathetic arm of the nervous system kicking. You walk out with better posture, feeling strong, balanced, alert, positive & calm.

Your body is operating closer to the way it is designed so it will last longer & function better. This intelligent practice is carried out in a mindful manner, upholding the ancient yogic scriptures which read “the state of yoga is attained when the cessations of the mind cease to fluctuate”. This is unique to Saltwater Yoga Studios & we feel very excited to share it with you!

1-5kg Dumbells 

Flow & Chill

Combination of Yoga Styles:Flow, Yin & Yang, Slow Flow & Chillout (Yin/Restore).

Our Favorite!

Want to unwind your body after a hard day? Need a balance of movement & relaxation but limited on time? Bingo!

This class is 50/50.  Slow flow & Chillout. Spend half the time practicing stronger postures to warm up & strengthen your body, & the other half chilling out in a more restorative, stretching & relaxing manner. We know you will love this efficient use of time.  Awesome combo! 


Combination of Yoga Styles: Restorative, Yin, Feldenkrais, Pranayama (breathing), Qi Gong & Meditation. 

Beginner Friendly

Literally as it sounds ;) This is a beautifully relaxing & opening practice which combines the wisdom of multiple invaluable modalities. 
All aspects of your life, & your yoga practice, will benefit from this ever so balancing practice. The intimate relationship you build with the intricacies of your body will improve the way you do everything in life: from breathing to flexibility to strength to holding challenging conversations.
You are encouraged to turn your attention deeply within as you nurture yourself throughout the process of undoing the implications of daily life in our predominantly tense & over stimulated world. This will give you a wonderful sense of balance in both mind & body.  
Your bodies intelligence systems will get a remarkable opportunity to release electromagnetic energy/information via the nervous system, to the brain, increasing your body's ability to heal efficiently as well as improving overall vitality & energy levels. This is a treat!

RESTORATIVE YOGA is more about the nervous system than it is about stretching muscle tissue (although that is generally a bi-product). We teach our body's how to truly relax by resetting the nervous system to switch off habitual messages from the brain which fire off the muscles unnecessarily. This also then allows for the vessels of circulation to work more efficiently to deliver nutrients & carry away toxins as they are no longer strangled by unnecessary muscle tension.

YIN YOGA is a style which revolves around the connective tissue (fascia) and the joints. Yin is a fantastic practice for getting deep openings throughout the body via long holds in deep stretching postures. You will work to increase joint range of motion, release tension, repair damage, work into your meridians and increase vital circulation  We don't teach pure yin as many other studios do.  We see great value in a combination of the styles we utilise during our "Chillout" sessions.

If you are pregnant, hypermobile in any of your joints, or if you have had a baby in the past 2 years; let your teacher know so that we can advise you accordingly ;) 

Core & Release

Combination of core strengthening and myofascial release through self-massage

Build strength & stability through the core. And release tight muscles and fascia through stretching and myofascial release techniques. Fasica is a 3D web of tissue that is interwoven throughout our bodies. This becomes ‘stuck’ everyday due to a lack of full range movements. During the second part of this class you will learn techniques with massage balls and other props to help you unstick the connective tissue and get you moving intelligently and release the tightness. A fantastic way to increase circulation and keep your body moving right. A fantastic addition to anyones life and particularly beneficial for active people such as runners.

 Meditation - iRest Yoga Nidra

iRest Yoga Nidra is based on ancient yogic teachings, but made accessible for modern day life. It is designed to bring the healing benefits of yogic and meditative practices to a wide variety of people. iRest can be practiced by anyone, regardless of whether you are a lifelong meditator or if you have never tried meditation before.

By practicing iRest Yoga Nidra regularly, you can tap into the parts of your brain that allow for greater insight and quiet the parts of the brain that are responsible for negative thoughts, feelings, and sensations. Using iRest, people learn to welcome life as it is happening and to respond - not react - to challenging situations.

iRest Yoga Nidra can work to alleviate stress, help us sleep better, and heal unresolved issues and traumas. It can also allow us recognize an underlying peace of mind that is always present within us - no matter what circumstances we are facing in life. 


People practicing iRest experience:

  • Decreased stress, anxiety, fear and depression

  • Improved sleep and decreased insomnia

  • An ability to better manage chronic and acute pain

  • Healthier interpersonal relations

  • Heightened energy levels

  • Improved sense of control

  • More confidence and joy in their lives

  • A greater sense of peace and well-being

Studio Temperature

Prenatal Yoga

Combination of Yoga Styles: Prenatal, Pranayama (breathing), mindful birthing practices & Meditation.

For the beautiful mamma's to be!

Nurture your changing body, nourish your soul & support the healthy growth of your child whilst building a strong soulful connection to your baby in these specially designed classes which will keep you both safe and soothed.  

Also a great opportunity to connect with other women going through the same miracle: share stories, advice & the joys of this wondrous & life changing experience.


For the beautiful mamma's to be!

Nurture your changing body, nourish your soul & support the healthy growth of your child whilst building a strong soulful connection to your baby in these specially designed classes which will keep you both safe and soothed.  

Also a great opportunity to connect with other women going through the same miracle: share stories, advice & the joys of this wondrous & life changing experience.


  • Allows pregnant women to cultivate a mind-body connection prior to birth so that delivery may be easier.

  • A well-conditioned body will respond to labour optimally

  • Offers powerful support to woman’s changing body by creating a balance of strength, flexibility & space for baby

  • Provides mental and emotional support through tools such as breath (pranayama) practices, meditation, visualisation and affirmation work

  • Specifically designed class with prenatal focus in mind

  • Nurturing & supported classes that connect you with your growing baby in mind

  • Pranayama, meditation and relaxation practices to support you through your pregnancy & in preparation for birth

  • Postures that will help support you throughout your pregnancy and in preparation for birth

  • Good opportunity to connect with other pregnant woman

  • Small intimate groups

Students who have a regular and strong yoga practice prior to falling pregnant, are recommended to attend this class to understand modifications required to keep you & your baby safe


Other Information:

  • Non-heated room

  • New pregnant students with no previous yoga experience are welcome provided they have a doctors approval.

  • Suited for all pregnant women in 2nd and 3rd trimesters with a normal healthy pregnancy


Teen Yoga

Adolescence can be a challenging time on many levels. Statistics show an alarmingly high stress rate across the board for our young people! The Teen Yoga Program at Saltwater gives teens a safe space to open up and explore life & themselves in a supportive environment.

Teen yoga encourages a non-competitive, fun physical movement to support healthy bodies,

happy minds and self awareness.

We’ll explore sequenced postures, partner work, group work, mindful breathing exercises,

relaxation and stress management techniques in order to support teens to develop important skills in a safe & non-competitive environment.


  • Teaches teens to reduce stress

  • Increases focus and concentration

  • Increases sensory and body awareness

  • Increases self-acceptance, self-confidence and a positive self-image

  • Builds self-enquiry

  • Builds personal emotional awareness

  • Nourishes self-expression, creativity and fun.

  • Renews strength, flexibility and balance

  • Improves coordination

  • Restores inner balance and inner calm

  • Relaxes the body and mind through meditations, visualisations and relaxation

Kids Yoga

Kids yoga encourages non-competitive fun physical movement to support healthy bodies, happy minds and joyful hearts.

Yoga postures, games, dance, breathing exercises, mindful art and relaxation are all part of a fun way for children to develop important skills in a supportive, non-competitive environment.


  • Improves strength and flexibility

  • Increases self confidence and builds a positive self image

  • Nourishes creativity

  • Increases sensory and body awareness

  • Helps build concentration

  • Builds personal emotional awarenes

  • Encourages cooperation and teamwork

  • Teaches kids how to relax and reduce stress

  • Yoga is FUN!