Saltwater Classes

We recommend a pathway through the various styles:

  • ChillOut/ Qi Gong
  • Align
  • Flow & Chill
  • Slow Flow

Try & mix it up every week ;) 


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Booking is optional as you can book upon arrival. 

Our skilled teachers will guide you through!  How?  Teachers will offer layered options in all of our'll know when your at your layer:  you just stay there & keep working deeper with where your at.   Be mindful not to take a flow class when your just starting out;)  As you build your practice, you can progress at your own time.  

At the end of the day...the shapes you make with your body don't's what goes on in your mind that will change your life!

Totally new to yoga?  Come to one of our Align (basics) classes on Monday evenings at 6:15pm to lay down some foundations.


  • Please be sure that your phone is off:  Vibrate is not an option ;)
  • This is Zen out time!  Keep your voice down & be respectful of your own space & that of others.
  • Let the teacher know if you have any injuries, pregnancy, stories that might need to be known ;)
  • ALL instruction by the teachers are INVITATIONS.  It is important that you only take options that are right, or as deep/strong appropriate for your body!


Slow Flow 

Combination of Yoga Styles: Slow Flow, Hatha, Vinyasa.

Slow Flow is a strong flowing yoga practice.  Moving at a rhythm that is conducive to Tai Chi and the movement of energy at 20cm per second.  You wont be able to use momentum, gravity or any external forces in this practice.  You require the ability to build on your own internal forces, strength & focus to move with control at all degrees of movement. 

It takes real strength, real stamina, and a truly disciplined mind to master this practice.   You can slip deep into a moving meditation in these classes & imagine that you will be deeply challenged.


Align (Hatha)

Combination of Yoga Styles: Hatha, Slow flow, Vinyasa, Basic Flow, Iyengar style static holds. Beginner Friendly

Static postures are held for a longer duration than in our "flow" style classes: to build isometric strength (static strength & endurance) in the muscles & give opportunity to refine activation, personal alignment & awareness.  

We may still include a smooth flowing "wash out" vinyasa flow to help you keep the body fluid & energy flowing.

This is a fantastic style for building strength & awareness of your own personal practice.  It is beginner friendly but it is certainly not only for beginners.

Monday evenings at 6:15pm we have Align ( Hatha Basics) which is the most appropriate class for fresh beginners but should still be considered a strong practice.  If relaxation is what you are looking for (stretching etc)  "Chillout" is your class ;) See below.



Combination of Yoga Styles: Restorative, Yin, Feldenkrais, deep stretching, fine body awareness, Pranayama (breathing), Qi Gong, Tai Chi & Meditation. Beginner Friendly

Literally as it sounds ;) This is a beautifully relaxing practice which combines the wisdom of restorative yoga, yin yoga, feldenkrais, deep stretching, fine body awareness, pranayama (breathing), Tibetan music bowls and Meditation...& if you're lucky you may even get a taste of tai chi & qi gong!  This is an absolute gift to ALL.

All aspects of your life, & your yoga practice, will benefit from this ever so balancing practice. The intimate relationship you build with the intricacies of your body will change the way everything from breathing to talking to your spouse (or boss)...haha ;) 

You are encouraged to turn your attention deeply within as you nurture yourself throughout the process of undoing the implications of daily life in our predominantly tense & over stimulated world.  This will give you a wonderful sense of balance in both mind & body.  

Your bodies intelligence systems will get a remarkable opportunity to release electromagnetic energy/information via the nervous system, to the brain, increasing your body's ability to heal efficiently as well as improving overall vitality & energy levels.  This is a treat!

READ MORE....  Restorative yoga is more about the nervous system than it is about stretching muscle tissue (although that is generally a bi-product).  We teach our body's how to truly relax by resetting the nervous system to switch off habitual messages from the brain which fire off the muscles unnecessarily.  This also then allows for the vessels of circulation to work more efficiently to deliver nutrients & carry away toxins as they are no longer strangled by unnecessary muscle tension.

Yin Yoga is a style which revolves around the connective tissue (fascia) and the joints.  Yin is a fantastic practice for getting deep openings throughout the body via long holds in deep stretching postures.  You will work to increase joint range of motion, release tension, repair damage, work into your meridians and increase vital circulation.  We don't teach pure yin as many other studios do.  We see great value in a combination of the styles we utilise during our "Chillout" sessions.

If you are hypermobile in any of your joints, or if you have had a baby in the past 2 years; let your teacher know so that we can advise you accordingly ;)


Flow & Chill

Combination of Yoga Styles:Flow, Yin & Yang, Slow Flow & Chillout (Yin/Restore).

Our Favorite!

Want to unwind your body after a hard day? Need a balance of movement & relaxation but limited on time? Bingo!

This class is 50/50.  Slow flow & Chillout. Spend half the time practicing stronger postures to warm up & strengthen your body, & the other half chilling out in a more restorative, stretching & relaxing manner. We know you will love this efficient use of time.  Awesome combo!



Combinations of Yoga Styles: Vinyasa, flow, flow, Power flow, Ashtanga.

A smooth flowing nature to these layered & optionally dynamic sequences of yoga postures.   Different teachers will have different rhythms.  Come & try them all to see which ones work for you...maybe thats different from day to day depending on whats going on in your life ;)  

This class will flow through various postures & invite the opportunity to play with more advanced options.  Just remember that there will be many different levels of practice & different motivations for practice in this class.  Stay with what works for YOUR body.  That is truly the most sophisticated yoga practice!

Not appropriate for your first ever yoga class but after you have come to a couple of our Align & Slow Flow'll very much enjoy ride this beautiful wave!


Qi Gong

Literally meaning energy or breath work, is an ancient Chinese healing practice over 5000 years old.

It is the physical practice aligned with Traditional Chinese Medicine & it is used by martial artists to prepare the body for combat and ensure ones performance is optimal. 

Through the practice of Qi Gong one learns how to increase their centrifugal energy to create immunity, strength and vitality. It is a grounding practice that works on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies, allowing for greater wisdom, self-understanding and connection. Suitable for all ages and levels of fitness Qi Gong is a grounding practice that reconnects us with our breath, body and the Earth.



Prenatal (Next Course starts August 4th 2018)

Combination of Yoga Styles: Prenatal, Pranayama (breathing), mindful birthing practices & Meditation.

For the beautiful mamma's to be!

Nurture your changing body, nourish your soul & support the healthy growth of your child whilst building a strong soulful connection to your baby in these specially designed classes which will keep you both safe and soothed.  

Also a great opportunity to connect with other women going through the same miracle: share stories, advice & the joys of this wondrous & life changing experience.


For the beautiful mamma's to be!

Nurture your changing body, nourish your soul & support the healthy growth of your child whilst building a strong soulful connection to your baby in these specially designed classes which will keep you both safe and soothed.  

Also a great opportunity to connect with other women going through the same miracle: share stories, advice & the joys of this wondrous & life changing experience.


  • Allows pregnant women to cultivate a mind-body connection prior to birth so that delivery may be easier.
  • A well-conditioned body will respond to labour optimally
  • Offers powerful support to woman’s changing body by creating a balance of strength, flexibility & space for baby
  • Provides mental and emotional support through tools such as breath (pranayama) practices, meditation, visualisation and affirmation work
  • Specifically designed class with prenatal focus in mind
  • Nurturing & supported classes that connect you with your growing baby in mind
  • Pranayama, meditation and relaxation practices to support you through your pregnancy & in preparation for birth
  • Postures that will help support you throughout your pregnancy and in preparation for birth
  • Good opportunity to connect with other pregnant woman
  • Small intimate groups

Students who have a regular and strong yoga practice prior to falling pregnant, are recommended to attend this class to understand modifications required to keep you & your baby safe


Other Information:

  • Non-heated room
  • New pregnant students with no previous yoga experience are welcome provided they have a doctors approval.
  • Suited for all pregnant women in 2nd and 3rd trimesters with a normal healthy pregnancy


Kids Yoga

Kids yoga encourages non-competitive fun physical movement to support healthy bodies, happy minds and joyful hearts.

Yoga postures, games, dance, breathing exercises, mindful art and relaxation are all part of a fun way for children to develop important skills in a supportive, non-competitive environment.


  • Improves strength and flexibility
  • Increases self confidence and builds a positive self image
  • Nourishes creativity
  • Increases sensory and body awareness
  • Helps build concentration
  • Builds personal emotional awarenes
  • Encourages cooperation and teamwork
  • Teaches kids how to relax and reduce stress
  • Yoga is FUN!


Yola Barbounis is a local mother of 3 beautiful children.  Her and he husband are the founders of Pana raw chocolate!  They are awesome, inspiring, healthy & wholesome people.  She is a well studied and experienced yoga teacher who also teaches regular classes and Pre-natal yoga at Saltwater Yoga Studios.  She is warm, calm, and has a great capacity to assist different needs in different children in an approachable and successful loving manner. You, and your children, will adore her, as do we!