Saltwater Classes


  • Phone's OFF: Vibrate is not an option.

  • Zen Zone. Keep your voice low & move around quietly.

  • Let the teacher know if you have any injuries, pregnancy, stories that might need to be known.

  • ALL instruction by the teachers are INVITATIONS. It is important that you only take options that are right, or as deep/strong appropriate for your body!


Booking is optional. We can book you in on arrival as we never operate classes at capacity numbers. 

Prenatal Yoga Schedule - click here
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During the cooler months, the studio will be kept to between 23-25 degrees in order to keep you safe.

Heated classes all be marked with a *on the schedule, There classes will be between 25-28 degrees assisting with circulation and detoxification. NOTE: Hot Yoga is usually 38 degrees. We are not a hot yoga studio. 

New to yoga? 

  • You should be able to manage in all of our classes. If you feel nervous or have an injury: try Restorative Flow Monday at 7:45pm or any Yoga Conditioning, ChillOut or Core & Release classes.

  • Slow Flow classes: Teachers will offer layered options in all of our classes. You'll know when your at your layer: you just stay there & keep working that pose. We will come back to get you.

  • At the end of the day...the shapes you make with your body don't's what goes on in your mind that will change your life!

We recommend a pathway through the various styles:

  • ChillOut (beginner Friendly)

  • Meditation (iRest Yoga Nidra For Stress/Relaxation) (beginner Friendly)

  • Yoga Conditioning (osteopathically designed) (beginner Friendly)

  • Core & Release (A combination of important core strengthening exercises & myofacial release techniques) (beginner Friendly)

  • Restorative Flow (beginner Friendly)

  • Flow & Chill

  • Slow Flow

    We recommend you mix it up & do a little bit of everything to gain optimal health!