About the beautifully inspiring
Saltwater Yoga Studios Williamstown.


Saltwater Yoga Studio in Williamstown was created in order to unite the modern lifestyle with the wisdom of ancient practices & the stability of modern science.  We are fun, yet grounded, mindful & dynamic.  Meeting the needs of the modern westerner to balance harmony in the body & mind.  

Conveniently located in Stevedore Street at the main shopping district of Williamstown, with views of the bay & just doors from Williamstown's own Raw Food & Green smoothie Cafe, Crimson Bear!  

Saltwater Yoga Studio utilises the latest in modern eco design & modern technology with bamboo flooring, FAR infrared heating, LED lighting & zero use of chemicals. 

Delivering an easily digestible recipe of all the modern & ancient traditions:  Saltwaters teachers are highly trained & up to date with the latest in sports science & psychology which they skilfully knit together with this amazing ancient wisdom, to deliver a well rounded yoga practice which will, with out a doubt, bring strength to your body, tame your mind, and nourish your soul!

We thoroughly look forward to seeing you on the mat!


The Saltwater Yoga Studios team

63 Stevedore St, Williamstown, Melbourne, Vic 3016.