Our Awesome Team!


Eva Büman, Founder/ Manager / Yoga Instructor


Eva Büman started practicing yoga in 2003 whilst studying a Bachelor of Applied Health Science (Naturopathy) in Melbourne. During the years of practice, yoga philosophy became Eva's lifestyle. 

Going off to work & live in The Netherlands for 5 years, driven by a passion for health & wellbeing, Eva has had her finger in many different pies professionally including international management roles. Yoga has been what helped her stay focused & driven until eventually she landed in India & completed her 200 hr Hatha, Meditation & physiology teacher training with Swami Yogananda Maharaji (107yrs of age).

Over the past decade+, she has practiced & studied yoga all over the globe including France, California, New York, Amsterdam, India & most recently completing her 350hr Advanced Diploma of Yoga teaching at the Australian Yoga Academy & Reiki Healing Level 1 & 2 with renowned Reiki Master Annie Slaughter here in Melbourne.  Eva also practices the ancient art of Tibetan Medicine Bowls (sound healing) following training with Tibetan Monk: The Venerable Lobsang Lama Tendar.

Eva has worked & trained with International trauma psychologists & mental health groups, assisting in the integration of Yoga/mindfulness as a clinical tool for psychologists & has taken part in conferences for trauma psychology speaking about the effects of yoga practice for people suffering PTSD & other mental disturbances such as anxiety & depression.

Coming from a strong fitness background in state & national level competitive sports, Eva delivers a fun & dynamic practice. She backs up her moves with steady scientifically researched benefits to your body & mind (of which she considers to be intimately connected). She balances the seriousness and the fun of yogasana & has a well rounded ability to provide a broad spectrum of options available to EVERYONE!

“Yoga gives you the ability to manually manipulate the chemical/hormonal profile of your body via mindfulness techniques and pranayama (breath control), affecting your mood instantly and in the long term. All systems integrate together as one unit & you dramatically increase & prolong your physical abilities on every level, from grand movements to the mechanics of the molecule! Many people will think its magic. It is not magic. It is yoga. An ancient science which is the most sophisticated scientific technique we have in modern times. It doesn’t matter what shapes you make. The asana (yoga postures) are just a tool to adjust the minds settings. Everyone on the mat is doing the same thing. Becoming aware of the intricacies of themselves & practicing being present & okay with that which is there.”

Certificates, Teachers & Training:

Simon Borg-Olivier(Yoga/Pranayama), Meghan Currie, Swami Yoganandya Maharaji (Yoga, Pranayama & Meditation-India), Dominique Salerno (Advanced Diploma Of Yoga Teaching) Sophie Le Fevre (Mentoring) Duncan Peak, Yogi Dinesh (india:Hatha Yoga, Meditation, Physiology) Geoff Brookes (Ananta Yoga, Byron Bay) , Venerable Lobsang Lama Tendar (Tibetan Medicine Bowl Healing workshop & full healers Certificate Course & initiation),  Annie Slaughter (Reiki Master), David Young (Meditation/Mindfulness Australia), Robyn D Walser PHD (ACT Mindfulness/ trauma therapy).


Shannon London, Yoga Instructor


Shannon London began her yoga journey in her early twenties living in the Northern Beaches of Sydney whilst studying classical violin. Coming from a family where natural preventions were always better than having something to cure, Shannon has always enjoyed looking at alternative paths in health.  

Coming from a background in social work, Shannon has always intuitively walked a path to share skills that allow deeper self discovery and self-expression.  She incorporates her awareness of the Mindbody connection and relevant tools to enhance her work.  

It wasn't long until Shannon traveled to India and studied at Sampoorna Yoga to become a yoga teacher and fell in love with all the possibilities of health and wellbeing.

Shannon moved to Melbourne in 2013 where she taught in drug treatment facilities sharing Yoga, Pranayama, Meditation, Massage and Somatics to clients with varying physical and mental struggles.  The results often shocked her co-workers!

“Yoga is not about touching your toes, it’s about what we learn on the way down! :) Yoga is a tool that connects the Mindbody. The benefits of Yoga are many, your physical health will improve, even if you have injuries and have to modify poses.  Your emotional and mental wellbeing will shift as you let go of things that no longer serve you.  This helps us feel connected, grounded, and present in our daily lives.”
-Shannon London

Certificates, Teachers & Training:

Deepak Sharma - Sampoorna Yoga 200hrs, Essential Somatics Martha Peterson - Somatics exercise coach training Level 1,  Massage Institute of Massage Therapies Melbourne - Remedial Massage Therapist,  Michael Standborough - Myofascial Technique I, II & III, Master Choa Kok Sui - Institute of Inner Studies Pranic Healing – Arhatic Yoga.


Stephanie Williams, Yoga Instructor/ Pre-Natal Yoga Instructor

Stephanie’s health journey began with an ambition to become a dietician!  Her curiosity of how the body works, it’s beauty & love of working directly with people drove her into a passion for the wellness industry.

While completing her final year of her Health Sciences degree Stephanie went to a yoga class in hopes to de-stress during a busy exam period & very quickly fell head over heals for the practice and within 6 months she completed her 200hr Hatha Teacher Training.

After completing her Bachelor she changed her career path from Dietetics to Yoga Teacher knowing that the healing from yoga could have a positive & holistic impact on more peoples lives.

For Stephanie the practice of Yoga changed her outlook on life. After suffering from years of anxiety & growing tired of the implications of anxiety on her life, yoga offered Stephanie an outlet to recognise & heal.

The changes were quickly noticed by herself & the people around her as she became more flexible (in the mind and the body), cultivated an easy going nature & a higher level of emotional resilience particularly in stressful situations.

Stephanie has been an avid horse lover, equestrian rider & instructor for over 12 years. She has a passion for her role in supporting people to work through their fears with riding & yoga, knowing when to challenge & when to support.

Steph specialises in 1:1 privates sessions for specific needs and pre-natal yoga.

Certificates, Teachers & Training
Bachelor Exercise Science (major Exercise Science and Nutrition) Deakin University. Cert III & IV in Fitness. Shimi Ambrose from Power & Posture (200hr YTT Hatha Yoga), Francesca Cervereo Science of the Private Lesson, Ana Davis Bliss Baby (Pre and Post Natal Yoga) and Hugh Lee (Yin).


Lucy Lawes, Yoga Instructor

Lucy first discovered yoga in 2012 as an uplifting physical endeavour. This quickly evolved into a committed practice that helped her find peace in connecting body, mind and spirit. Pressures of daily life had seen anxiety become a part of her life for years; it was through the focus and self-awareness in meditation and yoga asana that finally stirred a shift within. The more Lucy's understanding of yoga deepened, the more it brought healing and strength into her life.

"I believe in the power of yoga to unveil the deep wisdom and power in each of us. Our mats are a space for meditation in motion; a place for developing inner landscapes that reflect how we wish to be, and how we want to live. To share this with others is humbling, and something I am deeply grateful for."

Lucy's aim is to help students feel nurtured, embodied, and empowered. Her classes invite a sense of curiosity and play, while focusing on breath and movement that is strong and fluid. She believes yoga is a practice that can guide each person in creating their lives, growing through its challenges and experiencing its joys.

Certificates, Teachers & Training:
Advanced Diploma of Yoga Teaching (350hrs), Australian Yoga Academy.
Dominique Salerno, Jenni Morrison-Jack
Arm Balance Intensive (Ari Markman), Practical Inversions Workshop (Dominique Salerno), Compassionate Teaching (Jo Buick).


Peter Burghardt, Yoga Instructor

Peter discovered yoga while searching for a new creative outlet.  After studying music, theatre and creative arts he felt he needed to find a form of expression that took him deeper within himself in an environment of non judgement and freedom. He found yoga...and has never looked back!

Peter structures his classes around a clear intention. He believes that with the power of intention and the help of your breath you can move through any obstacle: whether it's physical, mental or emotional.

He loves the balance between the flowing power of a vinyasa class and the introspective surrender found in a yin class (chillout). To him all styles of yoga serve a very important purpose in preparing us for our lives off the mat: 'the real world'.  Being happily married, the father to a 1 year old and with his second baby on the way, he is always using the philosophy of yoga to manage daily life.  To him the most exciting part of this practice of yoga is that it's a journey that has no end.  The learning is always continuing.

'Yoga allows us to keep learning about ourselves and I can't wait to share my love of yoga with you all'. - Peter Burghardt

Certificates, Teachers & Training:

Advanced diploma of teacher training Australian Yoga Academy (350 hrs), Mindfulness for stress reduction with Dr Richard Chambers.

Masterclasses with: Paradeep Teotia, Les Leventhal, Mark Robbards, Steve Ross, Will Lau, Dominique Salerno


Ti Lee, Yoga Instructor

When Ti first started her yoga practice, she was there for the physical benefits. She wanted to heal her injuries, keep fit, healthy, strong and flexible. She was not there for the spiritual growth and had no idea how much yoga would impact her daily life. As the days went by, she noticed a positive change not only in her body but also in my heart and soul. What merely was just a form of physical exercise has led to so much more.

Ti’s classes are fluid and challenging, yet they allow you to also feel supported through each and every asana.

“When I am on my mat I am able to let go of everything and be completely lost in the moment; to be lost in the sensations of my body and my breath. Yoga has changed everything for me and I cannot wait to share this beautiful gift with you all.”


Yola Barbounis, Prenatal & Kids Yoga Instructor

Yola Barbounis is a local resident to Williamstown with 3 children.  She is a conscientious and dedicated yogi who has been practicing for the past 15 years.  Initially, drawn to Yoga for the physical and health benefits, the later years become more evident about an inner practice of understanding herself.  This journey of self and realisation helped synchronise an inner self with her outer self.
Yola has been so inspired by various teachers over the years, she hopes to touch and inspire her students in the same way.  She will guide students through a nurturing, fluid, steady practice that will build strength for a stronger practice.  She encourages students to stick to a regular practice, only then you will notice the physical and mental benefits, like increased vitality and energy, a clear and positive mindset, creating space for new perspectives on life – the effects can be transformational!


Certificates, Teachers & Training:

Advanced Diploma of Yoga Teaching in 2015,  Australian Yoga Academy. 

Yoga for Kids & Families Teacher Training (27 hours), Rainbow Kids Yoga

Certificate in Vinyasa Teaching (Jenni Morrison-Jack), Australian Yoga Academy.