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Essentials to Wellbeing with Sarah Smith

Essentials to Wellbeing - Essential Oil Workshop

with Sarah Smith - Kinesiologist & Kinesiopractor

Sarah has completed the 5 year Professional Kinesiology Practice (PKP) study, including earning a Certificate, Diploma, Advanced Diploma & Graduate Diploma, graduating as a qualified Kinesiopractor®. “Becoming a Kinesiopractor® equates to approximately 3800 hours of learning (which includes essential oil modules) and is the most comprehensive, student-centered training in kinesiology available worldwide.” – Kinesiology connection.

By experiencing firsthand how PKP Kinesiology and natural remedies such as essential oils changed her life, Sarah took it upon her self to gain as much knowledge as she could find!

Sarah is also a faculty member at the Kinesiology Connection college in Hawthorn and teaches certificate and diploma level students there. Furthermore Sarah is a wellness advocate for doTERRA essential oils and has been mentored on the use and application of essential oils by Jackie Isles (one of Australia's first holistic nurse practitioners).


This "Essentials to Wellbeing" session is designed to take you through the 10 most popular essential oils and teach you how they can completely detox your life (mind, body & soul).

What to expect:

Brief history on essential oils
What essential oils are
doTERRAs 10 most popular essential oils
The results of different essential oil studies
The metaphysical healing properties of the oils
What is important to for look when sourcing oils

Different ways to use the oils including how to:
easily replace toxic cleaning products
make non-toxic skin care products
use the oils to assist in healing different ailments
use the oils to connect spiritually
use the oils to prevent illness, support sleep, increase energy & focus.

All guests will have the opportunity to set up a wholesale doTERRA account & receive all available oils at 25% discount

$30 Regular / $20 Annual Members